Our Story

Upon finishing Medical School Jamie was looking to buy her first home but didn’t know where to start, whom to ask questions or the steps necessary to make her first purchase. She vowed that when the time was right she’d learn more about real estate and help others navigate the home buying process, especially focusing on medical providers. Jamie became a licensed Real Estate Broker in California in 2009

Mike purchased his first home at the age of 23 through a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) auction and quickly recognized the benefits of home ownership. Soon after moving from the Boston area to Los Angeles Mike purchased a home through a real estate broker and although he did all of the searching, visited open houses and determined the purchase price his agent earned ALL the commissions.

In 2010 Jamie and Mike started Three Points Realty with the idea that they would provide a full service real estate agency experience, but because most buyers are doing a lot of their own property-searching, Three Points Realty would share the commissions earned on a purchase with their buyers.


We are a female and veteran owned firm.

Mike Lesnever, MBA (Broker License # 01860355)
(c)310.872.7904 (e) mike@threepointsrealty.com

Jamie Drinville, MD (Broker License # 01863241)
(c) 310.383.6791 (e) jamie@threepointsrealty.com