As a buyer you will likely browse the internet to find a home or group of homes that you think are interesting before contacting your Real Estate Agent for a tour. You are doing some of the work that a Real Estate Agent did in the past, so you deserve some of the pay. At Three Points Realty we share up-to 30%* of the commissions paid to the buyer’s agent, with the buyer, at closing.

*25% of the buyer’s agent’s commissions will be paid to the buyer upon the close of escrow for any home purchased using Three Points Realty as the buyer’s broker with a purchase price up-to $1,000,000 or 30% of the buyer’s agent’s commissions for homes with a purchase price over $1,000,000. Contact us for more details.

Example: $2,000,000 purchase price x 2.5% commissions x 30% = $15,000 shared with buyer